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Diagnosis and treatment for reducing Dark circle

There can be several causes of dark circle under the eyes expert skin specialist believes that diagnosing the appropriate cause of dark circles is the key for treating it effectively. Dark circles treatment in Delhi takes a multi-purpose approach for treating dark circles that include lightning and collagen-building therapy, lymphatic drainage, magnetic pulse therapy, etc. In some cases, patients are injected with under-eye fillers to give them a refreshed appearance.

Causes of under eye dark circle 

If you are suffering from dark circles then chances are high any of the following reasons could be the cause

  • The skin below the eyelids are thin, darkness is due to the venous blood present in the veins under the skin.
  • Production of excessive melanin  can be the result of heredity
  • UV damage can increase blood vessel under the eye
  • Excessive exposure to dust and smoke
  • Lymphatic build-up
  • Aging natural aging process drizzled in a shadowy and sunken look

Treatment for dark circles

Dark circles can be effectively reduced if the circles are not very prominent although complete removal is not possible. Skincare specialists typically take a multi-purpose approach to understand the root cause of dark circles in a patient. The number of sittings and duration of cure depends upon the cause and type of treatment for a particular patient. Dark circle treatment cost in Delhi varies depending on the procedure and skin condition of the patient. 


The result of Dark circles treatment in Delhi is not permanent the treatment helps in reducing the darkness but does not offer complete removal. Lifestyle factors like diet, sleep, and stress results in darkening under the eye. Exposure to the sun also causes dark circles if you take the required care and avoids unnecessary stress on your health then the results can be maintained for a long time. Medical assistance helps in the effective removal or reduction of dark circles, dermatologist consult with the patient before they choose the appropriate method. Of the most visual techniques include the following that also affects dark circle treatment cost in Delhi


  • Laser surgery or skin resurfacing
  • Chemical peels for reducing pigmentation
  • Tissue fillers
  • Fat removal techniques
Surgical implants


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